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Cyber security

Maintaining business continuity

DLP Document Protection

With our solutions we prevent data loss (DLP), misuse and access to unauthorized persons.

We offer solutions from the following companies: Microsoft, Symantec, CoSoSys.

DLP software classifies regular, confidential and critical business data as well as identifies policy violations defined by organizations or within a defined policy package, usually guided by regulatory compliance such as HIPAA, PCI-DSS or GDPR standards.

Access rights management

We offer solutions that provide highly secure network access to clients and devices, an insight into network activities, client connectivity, application installation and other activities. Managing access rights is a key process in identifying, redirecting and eliminating security threats.

We offer solutions from the following companies: Cisco, HPE, Microsoft and others.

Endpoint Protection

By establishing customer protection, we protect the business network as well as data when accessing clients through workstations, servers, smartphones, laptops, tablets and all other wireless devices.

Client protection includes monitoring the status of the installed unit, software, activities and device vulnerabilities. Software management is centralized and enables the creation of security policies and tasks.

We implement solutions from the following companies: Kaspersky, Symantec, NOD32, Microsoft and others.

Backup Enterprise (Backup and recovery)

What makes our data backup solution different from the others on the market is its professional approach, combined with scalability and ease of customization.

The solutions we offer meet the needs of faster data growth, regulatory compliance, increased levels of services as well as reduced backup time.

Today’s challenges include accelerated virtualization, converged infrastructure and the Cloud. Therefore, there is a need to improve data protection throughout the company, including remote offices and the Cloud.

Disaster Recovery

Our solutions help IT infrastructure effectively recover from the disaster and thus ensure business continuity.

In case of a cyber attack, equipment failure, natural disasters, the disaster recovery process must cover every possible scenario which threatens the availability of IT infrastructure.

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