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  /  Maintenance and administration of IT infrastructure
IT infrastructure maintenance and administration services

Maintenance and administration of IT infrastructure

We provide maintenance and administration of IT infrastructure services according to the needs and requirements of our clients. The IT infrastructure for which we provide maintenance and administration services ranges from desktop computer equipment, server systems, storage systems, cloud-based systems, middleware, communication equipment, communication network and firewall management, all the way to the level of business applications.

Maintenance and administration services include:

Basic services
  • Regular maintenance – periodic general maintenance of equipment or the entire system for everyday use
  • Preventive maintenance – systematic control, detection, correction and prevention of initial malfunctions, before they become real or malfunctions critical to business
  • Intervention maintenance – upon reporting an interruption, malfunction or interference on the contracted service by the client within the agreed period, we take all necessary technical or other actions to fully restore the system’s functionality.
Additional services
  • Support and expert consulting services at the request of clients for the procurement of IT equipment, development and improvement of IT infrastructure
  • Customer brokerage and representation services with IT equipment manufacturers, including contracting service support
  • Assistance in resolving problems related to third party services, which includes consulting, analysis and contact with third parties on behalf of the client
  • Assistance in drafting the Business Continuity Plan
  • Security Monitoring Compliance
  • Cloud managed services.

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