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Business Insight

A key prerequisite for the sustainable operation of organizations in an unstable macroeconomic environment is to increase resistance to negative influences through increased forecasting and readiness to respond to disturbances and crises. In order to develop forecasting capabilities, organizations collect and study relevant data, develop relevant scenarios to detect resilience gaps and use this method to predict and prepare for future crises. By using analytical methods, they take advantage of data, where they can develop new products, services, and even the entire business with faster upgrade cycles.

Access to real-time information helps to gain immediate insight into business results. Maximizing business results is best achieved when you make important business decisions based on timely, accurate, reliable and unbiased information in your hands. Establishing a system focused on simplifying and automating processes that transform raw data into reliable meaningful and useful numerical and visual information on the basis of which important decisions are made to achieve better business results is a competitive advantage in times of disruption.

To make the most of data, organizations must tackle a complex set of tasks. They must create a reliable data management system, redesign processes, take advantage of new technologies (cloud-based).

Our solutions enable you to make important business decisions based on reliable and consolidated data, allowing you to reduce operating costs. We provide ROI within 5 months and TCO savings of over 400% in 5 years. These solutions are tailored for organizations that process large amounts of data, including the public sector. You can get access to business-critical data 2x faster than any other CSP service provider.

Solutions: Oracle Analytics Cloud, Oracle Autonomous Database, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Business Resilience

Business resilience encompasses crisis management and business continuity and responds to all types of risks an organization may face, from cyber threats to natural disasters. In addition to dealing with the aftermath of a major incident, business resilience refers to an organization’s ability to adapt to new environments and circumstances following that incident.

The three risks that have the greatest impact on business resilience are direct negative financial impact, damage to clients and damage to reputation. The basis of the negative impact on business is cyber, data and technology risks including related IT and third-party risks, and climate risk.

Organizations that increase technological resilience invest in strong, secure, and flexible infrastructure to manage cyber threats and avoid IT infrastructure downtime. Organizations build and improve systems to preserve business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities, avoiding disruptions to customer service and internal operations. A robust Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) plan is key to maintaining confidence in your ability to recover quickly with minimal business disruption.

Our solutions reduce technology risks through improved platform integrity through automated, built-in security processes and controls, reducing operational costs, anti-access costs by over 25% and downtime by over 50%.

Solutions: Disaster recovery, Backup.

Business Automation

In today’s time of accelerated digital transformation, major changes and business uncertainty, decision-making automation is no longer a luxury, but has become an urgent necessity. Organizations need to continuously adapt to new working conditions, especially if services are provided to a large number of users, where personalization, speed, accuracy and consistency of user experience are important differentiations compared to competitors.

By automating processes in organizations, user experience and operational efficiency can be improved, and organizations become more agile according to market and customer requirements and have a more effective system for business monitoring and reporting.

The two main motivators for business process automation are increasing the efficiency of an organization’s business processes and improving the experience for both users and employees. Good candidates for automation are processes that: are simple and repetitive, have a lot of documentation, are based on research, involve multiple people, are performed frequently and have deadlines, are prone to errors, require revision, have a high impact and bring great value to the business.

Our solution allows you to automate the decision-making process and transparently provide advice. This solution is most suitable for organizations that provide a service to a large number of users such as the public sector, financial services, education, healthcare… It is important to decide which process should be automated first, where you will achieve the best effects and where you will improve the user experience the most.

Solutions: Oracle Intelligent Advisor.

Solutions for service automation

Through many years of experience in providing services and direct cooperation with organizations, as well as based on personal experiences, we have recognized the need for automation and digitalization of processes that are in daily use. In order to create additional value for our clients and partners, we started working on a solution that would be sufficiently flexible and expandable, and that could be implemented in stages and subsequently adjusted to changes in the organization’s processes. Also, the solution reduces the engagement of the organization’s IT staff, and does not depend on specialized skills for maintenance, refinement and expansion of functionality.

We recognized a solution that meets all the above conditions in the cloud platform of our long-term partner Oracle. The platform is flexible and adaptable and contains all the necessary services and components in one place for creating high-quality user-oriented solutions, i.e. solutions for improving the user experience. In addition to many services, it also includes all the necessary tools for integration, data exchange, data import, management, monitoring, security and solution development. The platform’s development tools are oriented towards process owners and are based on low-code and process-based visual tools for development and information management.

The solutions are intended for linking background data sources, application solutions and processes into a unique umbrella solution for monitoring the state of each individual item during its life cycle. The solution enables enrichment and verification of data in background systems, systems of other organizations and registries using integration services. The additional solution supports notification, escalation at each stage of the life cycle of the case being processed.

Solutions: Oracle Apex, Oracle Digital Assistant, Oracle Intelligent Advisor, Oracle Content management.

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