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Infrastructure solutions


We offer servers equipped with the latest Intel® Xeon® scalable processors which are designed to provide high availability, reliability and multi-level resilience, thus ensuring system integrity. They combine great performances whether it is Blade servers, Rack servers or Tower servers.

Data storage and archiving

By archiving data, we enable clients to efficiently record, index, store, manage, retrieve and select structured and unstructured data in order to meet their needs. Our solutions provide seamless access to archived content from email, files and Microsoft SharePoint. Ultimately, we help companies reduce the costs of IT, operating costs and labor costs, as well as meet corporate management and regulatory needs.


Greater IT flexibility, scalability and cost reduction are achieved by implementing a virtualization process.

Virtualization enables greater workload mobility, increased performance, resource availability, and automated operations.

We provide our customers who opt for our solution with increased IT productivity, efficiency, agility and responsiveness, greater business continuity and disaster recovery, simplified data center management as well as the availability of a truly software-defined information center.

We offer solutions for the following types of virtualization: Server Virtualization, Network Virtualization and Desktop Virtualization.

Hyper-converged solutions

For IT companies which strive to modernize projects in their data centers, we provide hyperconvergence with the agility of public cloud infrastructure with complete control of physical resources in their own data center. We offer our clients integrated devices as hyper-converged solutions as well as software-only devices.

Hyper-converged solutions consist of interconnected and shared storage, compute and network resources, with the aim of reducing the complexity of data centers and increasing their scalability, as well as increasing the utilization by which functionalities are combined into one system.

By using the software-only infrastructure, the client is allowed to use his own compute, storage and network resources which he has at his disposal and which can be produced by different vendors.

Management and supervision of IT infrastructure

Using various IT system monitoring tools, we enable our clients a centralized monitoring of all system components in real time. We monitor the availability and performance of network and server resources, applications used by clients and all types of databases.

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