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IoT products

IoT Connectivity

By implementing a large number of communication systems based on different technologies, we are constantly acquiring knowledge in new fields. We apply our experience to the field of IoT communication technologies with the aim of offering optimal IoT communication solutions.

Communication is the main pillar of every IoT ecosystem. One of the most significant tasks when designing an IoT ecosystem is a proper selection of data transfer technologies.

IoT ecosystems are complex entities and require case-by-case communication solutions.

IoT data processing and applicability

As a company with many years of experience in mission-critical processes, we are able to develop and offer application-based IoT solutions on different platforms while meeting all modern criteria.

Adopting the proper architecture for large-scale processing of continuous production of data and the ability for clients to respond to data as soon as it is generated not only greatly reduces operational complexity and costs, but also helps to overcome distances which naturally occur between system elements.

We enable our IoT applications to process delayed and out-of-order data efficiently during bad weather, poor connectivity or lack of network coverage.

IoT Hardware

As part of the IoT ecosystem, we offer hardware solutions tailored according to individual needs, some of which are from our own production.

An important element of any IoT ecosystem is hardware. IoT hardware includes a wide range of devices such as data transmission and routing devices, receivers, controllers, sensors, actuators etc. These devices provide key features such as: information digitalization, data transfer, system activation, security and other functionalities for specific cases.

Smart Solutions / Smart City

Our Smart City solutions can be implemented through individual “use-cases” (Smart Parking, Smart Lighting, Smart Waste, Smart Building, Vehicle management and others) or as an integrated solution for smart cities for which city governments have an insight into current issues regarding the normal functioning of a modern city. An integrated insight into the functioning of a city enables timely and smart actions to optimize resources, which then enables making huge savings.

Smart City is a solution which involves the application of various communication technologies to collect the most important data in the field of urban life and urban resource management, and aims to improve the quality of life in cities.

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