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Planning the business transformation through education about the application of new technologies. Changing the culture of users of consulting services in the sphere of business digitalization. Design and preparation of business modernization through the application of new technologies based on Cloud solutions. We have the knowledge and experience in performing the migration of services and business applications to the cloud environment. For those users who are just thinking about migrating their services to the cloud environment, we offer analysis services of business processes, services and applications with assessments of the possibilities and functional justification of migration to the cloud environment, preparation of a financial analysis of the operation of migration to the cloud environment, as well as the preparation of detailed plans for fast and successful migration without interrupting business processes.


The establishment of Cloud services that meet the needs of business processes through the application of modern technological achievements of the Cloud platform. Integration of infrastructure in cloud, Multi-Cloud, hybrid-cloud environments. Planning and migration of on-prem/legacy systems and services to the Cloud environment. Our experts have knowledge and experience in executing the migration of services and business applications to the cloud environment, and we can offer execution and/or support services before, during and after the migration to companies that are planning to migrate to the cloud environment.


Through cloud integration, we connect different cloud services and applications in order to create a complete solution for users. This connection allows users to use different cloud services more efficiently and effectively, creating an integrated and synchronized cloud infrastructure. Many types of cloud integration are possible, including software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) and infrastructure as a service (IaaS), which can be one-way or two-way depending on the user’s needs. Cloud integration provides connectivity with the goal of automated management of customer data and business processes, can improve data security, reduces costs, enables quick and simple scaling without the need to create new infrastructures and pay additional costs.


If you want to focus on your core business, you should entrust support tasks in the use and maintenance of the system to a trusted entity. Support is provided by a dedicated team of experts who know the users’ systems and business processes. We follow the latest trends and releases, which ensures that the user’s system is fully functional and up-to-date, which makes the system a competitive advantage for the user. The support can be realized at the user’s location or in our company. The scope of support is divided into several levels of SLA and can be on-call, supported during working hours and up to 24/7.

Our expert team has 25 years of experience in implementing complex IT projects with the highest business standards. We have over 50 successful implementations with various users, in various industries and the public sector, including planning the complete migration process, design, installation, end-to-end integration, maintenance and migration with on-prem, cloud or hybrid solutions.

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