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Consulting regarding Cloud infrastructure and Cloud migration services

Cloud migrations

Our experts have the knowledge and experience to execute migrations of services and business applications to the cloud environment; therefore, we can offer execution and/or support services before, during and after the migration to companies which plan a migration to the cloud environment.

Assessment of a need for Cloud solution

We have the knowledge and experience to migrate services and business applications to the cloud environment. For those users who are just thinking about migrating their services to the cloud environment, we offer services of analysis of business processes, services and applications with an evaluation of the capabilities and functional justification of migration to the cloud environment, development of a financial analysis of the migration into the cloud environment as well as development of detailed plans for a rapid and successful migration without interruptions in the business processes.

Implementation of Cloud solution

By establishing Cloud solution, we reduce the complexity by integrating multi-cloud environments on a single platform and by improving DevOps through automation, we increase operational efficiency as well as reduce service implementation duration.

There are three types of cloud services on the market: SaaS, PaaS, IaaS. SaaS represents all applications for which users pay for a subscription and which are managed by a third party. Users are not responsible for maintaining or operating this software. With PaaS, users have a framework on which they can develop applications, but are not responsible for managing the server or infrastructure. IaaS is the most flexible cloud service because it allows you to rent hardware so that users have complete control over the applications.

Management of Multi-Vendor Cloud and IT solutions

We possess the knowledge in the field of hardware installation, networking, storage management and support of other physical equipment necessary for the management of local infrastructure.

When it comes to software, creation, testing, performance management, security and process automation are crucial. When adding cloud platforms to the on-premises environment, IT also needs an expertise in hybrid integration and management, as well as migration and portability. It is necessary to examine the possibilities of resources they have in relation to what they will implement in the future in order to be able to assess the best placement opportunities on the basis of costs, performance, compliance and security.

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