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Smart solutions - IoT

Custom solutions

Our business solutions are tailored according to the specifics of the business and the needs of clients in the automation of business processes.

We have many years of experience and numerous references in the field of design, configuration and installation of smart solutions.

Automation / Digitalization


Based on our many years of experience, we are able to offer implementation of solutions on platforms of leading global brands, which is confirmed by numerous references from satisfied customers.

With the implementation of SCADA solution, we provide computer-assisted management and supervision of processes in the areas of process management, production facilities, distribution systems (electricity, water, sewage, heat, oil and gas), mining, traffic, monitoring and infrastructure management. The application on the SCADA platform is specific for each individual case and is always tailored for the specific system.

The choice of the SCADA platform must be adapted to the requirements of technology, the required reliability and security as well as the size and projected growth of the system in question.

Energy Network Management

We are competent to deliver our clients tailor made solutions for integral analysis, simulation, management and planning of thermal energy production system and central/district heating.

System optimization is achieved at overall level of system.

Energy efficiency

Combining SMART (IoT) systems and application-specific SCADA platforms, we offer solutions for increasing energy efficiency which are fully tailored according to the needs and requirements of clients.

The highest level of efficiency is provided through the automation and central operation of technical equipment in commercial buildings such as office buildings, airports, shopping malls or manufacturing facilities.

Following the relevant standards and guidelines, we offer systems to increase the energy efficiency of facilities, plants and processes and to manage them efficiently. The automation of the process of infrastructure management enables increased security and optimized energy efficiency.

Management of water supply and sewerage systems

Our customers can expect optimum results through the use of integrated platforms which include hydraulic modeling, monitoring and control, maintenance, business processes and an interface custom-made for a specific system. Planning, building, monitoring and managing in an efficient manner requires the involvement of all services as well as the users themselves.

Distribution systems management and utility management

By establishing an interactive and efficient distribution system, we ensure the satisfaction of customers as well as service providers themselves. Clients play a major role in municipal services.

Public security

Traffic safety and management, public parking space management

We treat the increasement of traffic safety as a separate segment of our business and we are largely focused on it. We implement infrastructure projects for stationary radars and red-light cameras, which serve to increase traffic safety. Whether using a standalone system of several units or a system of dozens of units, the end client is extremely satisfied with the implemented solution which enables him to do his job as quickly as possible.

Many years of experience in this field are constantly being upgraded by educating experts in new technological trends. We give added value to the traffic safety segment through the implementation of the system for monitoring and management of moving and stationary traffic and through the integration of different technologies into a single system.

Collection and processing of traffic violations

SPARTA is a system that collects data from stationary and mobile radars and cameras for automatic identification of license plates in order to increase traffic safety. In addition to processing traffic violations, it is also possible to check registration status and identify stolen vehicles and license plates.

The process of sanctioning traffic violations is automated and accelerated; using our advanced solution recorded violations are automatically processed, archived and sent to the offenders. An additional flexibility of the system is the sanctioning of foreign offenders on the spot using a mobile application which can alert the official about the location and the type of traffic offense committed by a person, i.e. the vehicle.

Video surveillance systems

Along with the implementation of video surveillance, we also design and equip operating centers with modern equipment and programs for video surveillance system management with an option to store and process the video. The implementation of such projects is done on a turn-key basis.

Video surveillance solutions include centralized systems for video surveillance of public areas, property and traffic, with the aim of increasing the safety of citizens, preventing vandalism, traffic violations, theft or other criminal activities.

Location services

The constant development of technology and the need to use it in innovative ways have led to the creation of solutions in the field of two-way location services where the interaction between the client and the service provider is achieved. We offer solutions such as: smart traffic signs, smart management of waste disposal, water, urban services and smart sensors.

Gambling (online systems, mobile application)

The application-specific CBOM (Casino Betting Online Management) information system monitors and controls the traffic in bookmakers and casino clubs. CBOM includes applications for the on-site inspection of bookmakers and casino clubs called BlitzControl.

CBOM is a service-oriented information system which provides a support for workflows while establishing an online connection between slots clubs and bookmakers and the central server of tax administration as a part of the fiscalization process. The system supports the receiving and processing of millions of records over the course of 24 hours and, using advanced reporting technologies, provides an insight into the cash flows of casino clubs and bookmakers.

Infrastructure monitoring and management

Automation of the infrastructure management process enables us to increase security and optimize energy efficiency. The highest efficiency is provided through the automation and central operation of technical equipment in commercial buildings such as office buildings, airports, shopping malls or manufacturing facilities.


We have been an authorized distributor and representative for Zebra Technologies for many years.

Zebra is the world’s most renowned manufacturer of data collection and processing equipment. With decades of experience in industry, Zebra designs and creates its products with the end customer and his work environment in mind, and is recognized as a global leader in scanning and automated data collection technologies. With its innovative approach, advanced scanning technologies, design and robustness, Zebra enables its customers to easily and reliably use it in their daily business activities primarily in the areas of sales, healthcare, transportation, logistics and manufacturing.

In addition to a wide range of products, we also offer additional equipment for Zebra devices as well as Zebra OneCare service support.

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