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Collaboration solutions / Unified Communications

With our collaboration solutions, we enable our clients to communicate in a fast, secure and efficient way.

In order to improve your business, we offer the tools necessary for communication in an organization, such as IP telephony for voice calling, web and video conferences, voicemail, mobility, desktop sharing, instant messaging, presence, and much more.

Unified Communications (UC) solutions provide the integration of these tools, with seamless customer experiences which contribute to more efficient teamwork regardless of location, time and device.

Unified communications include: call control, presence, conferencing, instant messaging, unified messaging, document management, and mobility.

Collaboration solutions are available in the form of an on-site installation (on-prem), partner-hosted solutions, or as a service (UCaaS) from cloud service providers.

Telephone system

According to the desire of our clients to integrate multiple locations within one company into a single system, we are implementing a VoIP telephone system. With our solutions, we improve the level of communication, reduce the costs of communication and system maintenance, and also realize system redundancy by location.

VoIP systems enable the independence from the location itself, which means that communication is possible from any place where there is an appropriate internet connection; appropriate SW or HW clients are used for communication.

Conferences (audio, web and video)

With solutions intended for audio, video and web conferencing, we provide secure and uninterrupted communication to our clients with their colleagues and partners, regardless of the location where they are located.

Audio conferencing is a type of telephone call in which the person initiating the call wants to contact more than one person and vice versa.

Video conferencing systems

Video conferencing is becoming increasingly important for our clients’ business. Using videoconferencing, we connect our clients with their colleagues and partners and help them build trust and fast decision making.

Video conferencing allows you to work from any place, communicate with your partners around the world as well as attend online training via video. Using smartphones, tablets and laptops it is very easy to establish a video conference with people at any time and in any place.


For the purpose of sharing information, giving speeches or teaching in real time remotely and with the same quality as if everything is held in the classroom, we offer the realization of webinars.

The author of the webinar material, in addition to broadcasting content to a specific target group via the Internet, has the opportunity to organize a discussion with participants on certain issues. The webinar is a seminar in an online form and held online.


By establishing the SMTP protocol, we are operationalizing the transmission of electronic messages via the Internet.

Two types of IMAP and POP protocols are used to transfer messages from the mail server to the client computer.

Email is a network service which allows you to send and receive messages of various content. The name is an analogy to traditional mail, where the mailbox is replaced by servers and where the email is stored until the client takes it.


With the intranet, we provide storage and sharing of electronic business documents, as well as the creation of a collaboration environment. An intranet is a computer network that uses Internet protocol technology to exchange information or computer services within an organization.

Document management system

Our clients have the control over their important business documents with the help of data storage and management systems. The system consists of a series of computer programs used to store and manage electronic documentation.

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