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Communication networks

Radio communication systems


Through activities in the field of radio communication systems, we gather the most experienced staff in Bosnia and Herzegovina and we are able to meet the needs of implementation and maintenance of the most complex systems. Solutions in the field of radio communication systems include design services, sales, servicing and maintenance of TETRA, digital and analog radio systems. Sales include a wide range of products, from radio repeaters and radio stations / terminals, control and monitoring consoles, power supply systems, all the way to the selection of antennas, antenna cable and connectors. Telemetry systems for remote monitoring and control represent a special segment in radio communication systems. We offer the implementation of digital and analog radio communication system solutions on a turnkey basis and our goal is for the end customer to receive an adequate solution to the existing problem and always be completely satisfied.


With the establishment of the Microwave communication system, we provide the client with fast and simple services for the transfer of images, voice and data between two or more less, medium and very distant locations.

Microwave represents a communication system which contributes to reducing time-to-market time, making this technology the “first choice” whether it is radio relay link links to connect base stations, remote inaccessible locations for telecom operators, a network of public companies, a network of special government or not government organizations or networks of private companies.

Wireless access networks

We provide a universal broadband service to customers via wireless access networks.

These networks have a particularly significant application in urban areas where the existing infrastructure cannot meet the needs of current and new customers. With their capacity, availability and reliability, they ensure reliable communication and exchange of information in a form suitable for reception and exploitation at the client’s terminals.

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