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CEO, MIBO Komunikacije

Digital transformation

“It was a sunny morning of the early ‘90s, not a cloud in the sky, when I set out to receive my law school degree. I remember clearly how impatient I was: I couldn’t have boarded soon enough the ship called the justice system. It took me a year of work at the high court to realize that in the world off my ship something big was going on. Suddenly all the talk evolved around the mobile communications that was all the rage, albeit in its early phase, and I was brave enough to take a chance and quit a safe career within the law. I decided to ride my first big wave within the industry that set one standard after another within a single decade.

As I reached experienced level, the surfer in me certainly didn’t want to miss the second big wave that was rolling in, that of the internet, which thought me of its enormous potential and widened my world’s horizons to unthinkable proportions.

From that first step into mobile communications only a few decades ago to the craze of the internet, I’ve held several positions as a senior executive at various companies, small and big, at home and abroad. All this time I’ve really enjoyed taking an active part in growing the business for my clients and partners alike.

So, here I am today, proud to lead one of the best teams of ICT experts in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The company that experienced many successful implementations of numerous sophisticated ICT systems and solutions during almost 25 years of its existence. And yes, I and my colleagues at the company are already starting to ride the next big wave. Enthusiastic about IoT, Big Data, Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence, we challenge you, our clients and partners, to join us. Let’s create our future together.”

Marko Boštjančič,

About us

MIBO Komunikacije

MIBO Komunikacije is a company that has actively built today’s telecommunication and information technology market in Bosnia and Herzegovina and in the region as well.

Our company was established in 1996, and today we represent one of the leading system integrators, i.e. companies specializing in the most complex digital technology solutions and services in the market.

The combination of expertise, experience, knowledge, skills and collaboration with a large network of our partners ensures the first-class solutions, products and services we offer, as well as the satisfaction of our clients.

We strive to improve the growth and development of our company, employees and clients through our business, and according to that we operate under the slogan:


We are present in all areas of business society, from idea to realization for over 20 years. During this period of continuous work and improvement, we have gained an enviable business reputation and image, and we have become a well-known and respected partner among all clients, partners and society in general.


Our vision and mission

Our vision is to constantly focus on the needs, expectations and requirements of all our existing, potential and future users of information and communication solutions through innovation. Our company operates under the slogan: “CREATE YOUR FUTURE”, and according to that we create the future in the field of information and communication technologies, thus creating additional values and business success for our customers, partners, employees and the society as a whole.

Our desire is to be a reliable partner and leader in the region, developing and creating solutions based on the most up-to-date technical and technological solutions and trends.

Through the development, implementation and integration of the most advanced information and communication business solutions, we strive to enable the development and fulfillment of business goals to all our existing and new customers.

In order to fulfill our mission:

we offer complete solutions to end customers: analysis, projects, implementation of communication networks, delivery of equipment in accordance with customer needs, technical training of customers, administration and maintenance of network / infrastructure;

we focus on innovative, multifunctional products and the latest technologies at affordable prices;

we integrate complex networks and solutions;

we carefully select strategic partners and support compatible products;

we meet customer requirements including training and support;

we bring together the most experienced and highly educated staff;

we build a stimulating environment for employees to continue to improve.

Key values

Key values


Together we are unique. We respect high standards.


We are proud of our accomplishments and passionately create our future.


Our employees are our strength.



We are dedicated to the success of our users and proud of their achievements.


We are devoted to work and do it well because we are aware of our responsibility.


The best relationships are based on mutual trust and respect.


Quality - Business Standards

With the aim of continuous improvement, professional quality certification and our expertise, we have implemented and certified the requirements of the international standard for quality management system ISO 9001: 2015 and information security management system ISO/IEC 27001:2013, which is certified by the Bureau Veritas certification company.

At the level of organizational units (laboratory), we have implemented and accredited the requirements of the standard for competence in performing specific activities regarding control BAS EN ISO / IEC 17020 at the Accreditation Institute of Bosnia and Herzegovina – BATA; for these activities we also have the relevant legal authority issued by the Institute of Metrology of Bosnia and Herzegovina.