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Cyber security

Rights management

Authentication, authorization and encryption

Authorization allows for the right of access to data, their security as well as access control. We establish a data access policy for our clients.

Encryption limits access to data so that only authorized persons can use them. The implementation of encryption software is applicable to files, file folders, emails and other data storage tools.

Two-factor or multifactor authentication (MFA), the second line of defense for sensitive data, is performed through hardware or software authenticators.

We implement solutions provided by the following companies: Microsoft, ManageEngine, Symantec and Kaspersky.

MDM / MAM (Mobile Device Management / Mobile Application Management)

We help our clients manage mobile devices and applications (MDM / MAM).

MDM / MAM provides the storage of essential data about mobile devices, the availability of applications on devices, locating devices and securing devices if lost or stolen.

We offer mobile device management software from the following companies: Cisco, Microsoft, IBM, ManageEngine and others.

Log Management SIEM

Our expertise in protecting network infrastructure, endpoints, cloud systems, operating systems, high levels of knowledge regarding database functionality and design offers an accurate and precise definition of interesting logs and their correlation for identifying possible cyber-attacks that every SIEM can recognize.

SIEM solutions and fine-tuning as well as log analysis are the most important links in setting up systems related do cyber security. Fine-tuning and setting up a log analysis system will allow the detection of cyber attacks at their early stage.

Security Testing

In order to increase cyber security, we offer organizations a wide range of services, from employee workshops to additional security in the physical environment as well as next-generation specialist solutions.

Cyber ​​incidents can cause serious damage and financial losses. This is why cyber resilience of the organization has become a daily topic of management structures of every company.

Cyber ​​security has become a complex and wide area, which is why it is not easy to create and take measures to timely detect and effectively prevent cyber incidents.

Application Delivery Control

We provide application service management such as load balancing, security controls and network traffic management with the help of a set of technologies, data centers and cloud environments.

Through Application delivery control we ensure the availability of the main business applications with the best application response level and a safe and reliable way of doing business.

We offer solutions from the following companies: Citrix, F5, Microsoft, Amazon, Nginx, Kemp and Barracuda.

More details

We implement application delivery control with devices that can be hardware and software based.

Using load balancing techniques, hardware-based devices help perform the tasks of distributing server load evenly. On the other hand, software-based devices provide intelligent and sophisticated load balancing services and thus ensure the efficient and quality operation of business applications. Software-based devices can be deployed on any infrastructure, including public cloud services. They also offer advanced services such as clustering, intelligent architecture and SSL IP packet inspection.

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