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Enterprise network


We offer our clients solutions for the creation of the passive part of the network, installation of switching, routing and security equipment and solutions, delivery, as well as installation and configuration of system equipment and software. We implement solutions from various global manufacturers, thus showing flexibility in offering solutions and adapting our offer to clients with different preferences, technical requirements and available budgets.

SD - Access

By operationalizing SD-Access, we help solve system networking challenges. By automating everyday tasks such as configuration, provisioning and troubleshooting, wired and wireless network customer policy, we reduce the duration of network adaptation, solve problems more expeditiously, and reduce the impact of security breaches / vulnerabilities.

Our professional staff is capable of quality design, implementation and maintenance of SD-WAN solutions.


In order to reach the full potential of IT resources, we design, implement and maintain WLAN solutions, and thus efficiently import the business activities of our clients.

We are a certified partner of global leaders in this field – Cisco, Cambium Networks and Aviat Networks.

More information:

A WLAN is a wireless LAN which uses radio technology to connect to network nodes, thus enabling client mobility. The new generation of WLAN connects business activities by providing constant Internet access whenever needed.


To help our clients establish successful business, we offer a form of communication based on software management – SD-WAN (Software Defined – Wide Area Network), which we design, implement and maintain as needed and desired by the client. By establishing this solution, we offer our clients partial or complete abandonment of private WAN networks such as MPLS.


The solutions we offer to our clients provide advanced mechanisms for managing IP traffic and security features in the WAN network.

The mentioned solution is intended for companies which, in addition to the head office, also have local offices / branches which are imported into the WAN via redundant WAN connections.

The activation of iWAN enables the optimal use of links, technical improvements and reduction of costs for renting WAN links.

Intelligent WAN (iWAN) is a Cisco systems SD-WAN solution implemented on current Cisco router series.

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We are present in the market for more than 20 years

Our advanced solutions allow us listen to our clients' needs and always be up to date

We provide a highly professional staff

Why choose us?