Terminal Equipment

The priority of our terminal equipment department is maintaining quality and continually working on further development. This approach enables us to meet all the requirements of our existing customers, as well as gain new ones.

Following the trends of global market through our terminal equipment department, we represent brands from renowned manufacturers of mobile devices and distribute products to telecom operators across BiH.

Furthermore, we offer a wide range of terminal devices and solutions designed to operate in industrial environments, warehouses, supermarkets, field units, etc. Included in this program are hand-held, desktop and embedded bar code scanners, rugged terminals suitable for field work and work in difficult conditions, as well as thermal and card printers.

MIBO offers comprehensive solutions based on these products, thus enabling increase in efficiency and profitability when managing production, warehouses, retail and field operations.

Within our wide range, we also offer navigation devices, hand-held radios (free band) and fiscal devices, as well as repair and maintenance of all terminal equipment from our range.