Infrastructure Solutions

Servers and Virtualizatio

Although virtualization technology has been present for a long time, the introduction of support for virtualization on x86 platform, certainly represents a milestone in its application. Simplicity, increased reliability, easier migration process, reduction in required space, power consumption and costs are the main reasons virtualization has become an inevitable technology in all IT environments. Our solutions are based on products from leading global manufacturers and are custom designed for each individual user, while integration with the existing environment and migration of existing systems to new version and/or platform presents an integral part of every project.

Data Storage and Archiving

There has been a growing demand for data storage for many years now, and besides additional space, performance, availability of information and data loss prevention all present additional challenges when selecting an optimal solution. We offer top solutions, from simple SAN (FC, iSCSI) solutions for small data centers, to complex and intelligent solutions for advanced data centers, as well as all-flash solutions for high performance data centers. Every effort is made to find the optimum solution for our customers, in terms of optimizing resources, reducing business risks and costs of storage and information management. With archiving solutions, the key to success, in our opinion, is ensuring data loss prevention as well as prevention of theft and unauthorized data modification.

Backup and Recovery

Protection against data loss due to negligence or corruption of files and databases is an integral part of every data center environment. Depending on the amount of data and the number and type of sources to be protected, as well as the required RTO/RPO, we design optimized solutions for each customer. Our solutions include copying onto LTO tapes and/or disk-based Backup Deduplication Storage Devices. An integral part of our projects is performing backup and recovery tests, as well as setting up backup/recovery procedures.

Traffic Safety

We consider road safety as a separate business on which we are very much focused. We posses significant experience in implementing infrastructure projects for stationary devices used for red light and speed detection across BiH, thus increasing traffic safety. Whether using a stand-alone system with several units, or a system containing several dozen units, the end user is always fully satisfied with the implemented solution which enables faster business processes. Years of experience are complemented by continuous education of our personnel regarding new technologies and industry trends. In addition to mentioned systems for increasing traffic safety, we also market, service and perform control and calibration of breathalyzers, as well as both hand held and mobile radar/laser devices for measuring speed.