Revenue Control in Betting Shops and Casinos

Revenue control system for betting shops and casinos is a service oriented information system which supports operative processes in establishing an on-line link between slot machine clubs and betting shops and the central server with FBiH Tax Administration, for the purpose of fiscalisation. The system supports processing millions of transactions within 24 hours, and using advanced technology allows tax officials an insight into financial dealings of betting shops and casinos.

Traffic Violations – Collection and Processing

The traffic violations system is an information system which provides real-time access to all traffic violations registered by both fixed and mobile radars. Vehicle information is accessed from the authorized institution’s database and traffic violation ticket is created automatically, significantly reducing the workload for police officers.

SCADA and Automation Systems

Automated Control Systems: Implementation of processes for automated systems control is one of our main areas of expertise. We have extensive experience and numerous references regarding the design, configuration and installation of process controllers, local control panels and operator stations.

Control Centers – SCADA systems: We gained significant experience in design, development, application, upgrades and maintenance of SCADA software packages through implementation of numerous projects in the area of local and remote monitoring and management in telecommunications, electric power industry and water industry. SCADA software packages for control and management type ABB MicroSCADA, NI Lookout and RSView have been implemented by our expert team and are used in many water supply stations and distribution centers. All systems are implemented on ″turnkey″ or custom tailored basis starting with actuator devices, RTUs, FEPs, to computer equipment, video walls for major operator centers, etc.

Energetics: A considerable number of completed projects including design, development, testing, installation and deployment of medium voltage switchgear and measuring and control equipment, as well as maintenance, upgrades and testing, are just a small part of our extensive work experience in project implementation for the electric power industry.

Telemetry Systems: Our systems are based on the IEC 60870-5-101/103/104, IEC 61850, BACnet, LON, MDLC Modbus and other standardized and dedicated protocols, whereby the communication is based on industrial Ethernet or serial links, using optical, copper and wireless paths, analog radio or digital radio modems from various manufacturers such as Satel, 4RF, CalAmp, Racom and others.

Public Parking Space Management

The system for managing parking facilities and parking spaces is an IS which allows for management of public parking areas and garages as well as booking and selling parking tickets with interactive map and the option of creating user-defined layers of information. The system also supports layout editing and other information necessary for parking facilities management.

L-Mobile - Mobile Applications for Lottery Games

The system which enables playing lottery games via mobile phone is a service oriented information system for payments and playing lottery games such as lotto, bingo and sports betting via mobile phone. The funds are collected directly from the players account with the mobile operator. In this way, the players can participate from a remote location without the need to visit the actual betting shop.