System Integration

MIBO Komunikacije offers full service system integration within ICT business solutions which are partially or fully tailored, as per client requirements.

Using latest technology, knowledge and resources we offer our customers modern and optimized solutions. Our system integration service consists of interconnecting various components of the information system to create the ultimate solution which will best solve user’s problem/s. Our system integrations are carried out in best practice and in line with all the relevant technical standards, recommendations and regulations.
Employing highly educated personnel, having long term experience and number of successfully implemented projects, we provide a high quality and comprehensive service.


One of the basic needs of quality management of ICT system is constant control for timely detection of potential problems, because by sporadic control and reactive actions the system is exposed to unacceptable risks.

In addition to maintenance services and technical support, we also provide the service of monitoring and maintaining both hardware and software components of the ICT system. In this way, we are aware of the interference before the users, which enables us to identify and solve problems before they can affect applications and users. Thus, we are in the position to prevent major failures and problems while saving customer’s time and money.

Implementing reliable system control simplifies the system management and offers better insight into system processes which results in cost optimization. In this way, the level of safety is raised ensuring the continuity of operations, quality control and general increase in system reliability.


MIBO Komunikacije provides full support and maintenance for the solutions implemented in user’s environment. With staff highly educated in the fields of telecommunications, information technology and automation, the company offers 24/7/365 support, including emergency call out and on-site support, as well as standard and preventive maintenance. In this way, we are able to fulfill our self-set goal, minimum equipment failure and maximum resource utilization for the benefit of the client.


We provide service support for our customers, both during and after the warranty period. Reporting faults and issues is available 24/7 by contacting the Call Center and/or through our help desk application. Internal company structure, our own fleet available and trained personnel, provide high quality execution of service agreements (SLA), even for the most demanding user.

Planning, Design and Development

We provide planning, design and development of telecommunications and ICT solutions for our users. By using modern tools and planning methods, as well as advanced technology in development and design of our solutions, we provide a wide range of ICT solutions and full compliance with customer requirements. We offer technical solutions development which would meet all organizational needs for optimal operation of information systems with maximum flexibility and support for high level of user involvement. Our planning team has all the necessary licenses for planning and revision of technical solutions issued by the relevant institutions. The main objective is to provide the user with a solution, which will meet not only his current business needs, but also future and long-term ones.


The increasing complexity of communication systems requires more and more specialized knowledge, for which even the largest professional departments do not have enough resources. Using consultancy services ensures maximum use of technological resources in order to achieve business goals. In addition to advising, consulting within a package of services may include assessment, management, implementation and administration of company systems. The customer is advised in setting up and implementing management procedures and processes in line with system management standards.

Using extensive experience and certified knowledge, we offer consulting support in choosing the best solution for the customer. Our task is to advise clients in selecting the optimal telecommunication and engineering solutions, as well as providing education in that area. We pay special attention to our customers’ needs in order to improve our cooperation and ideas’ development of. By exploring various possibilities and undertaking necessary analysis, we are converting ideas into reality.

We provide a professional service tailored for telecom operators, both private and public sector. We offer full service package, ranging from consultation, planning and design to maintaining proactive level of service, support and training. Highly experienced consultants, network architects and engineers work in cooperation with our customers, gaining quality assurance, as well as maximizing customer’s investment.

Project Management

The success of the information and communications solution, service or system is not reflected purely in its design or implementation. The task of ICT project management is to achieve business purpose using certain technological solutions. When managing a project, special attention is paid to ensure all projects are implemented on time and within specified limits (time, cost), whereby even the strictest quality requirements are met.

MIBO Komunikacije provides supervision and management throughout the project cycle (initiation, planning, execution, monitoring, control and project closure). This approach guarantees quality implementation, high functionality and reliability of every component of the system, as well as solving our customer’s business issues.

Implementation and installation

The company employs highly skilled personnel, engineers and technicians of various specialties (telecommunications, information technology, automation, electronics, computer science), with all the expertise necessary to install and deploy equipment and solutions offered to users. Project management on ″turnkey″ basis, is carried out by our staff with extensive experience and references in same or similar projects.

System Analysi

Throughout the years, we have successfully reviewed and analyzed existing systems in order to propose improvements and define business requirements needed to support the new solution or new functionality. Analysis of the existing system is one of the most important activities. The goal is to determine the difference between the current and desired state of the system and to determine the adequacy and effectiveness of the system in achieving stated objectives. Our professionals will very quickly conduct a review and an accurate analysis of the existing system, eliminate the problems and make suggestions for improving your business.


At MIBO Komunikacije we continuously monitor trends in the field of communications and organize various types of training for our customers, both in Bosnia and Herzegovina and abroad. We take training very seriously and continuously strive to improve and expand our range of services aiming to fully train staff who will be using and maintaining the systems we implement. There are several types and forms of education programs such as seminars and courses, lectures, demonstrations, workshops, discussions and practical work using latest equipment. We implement training program and certification for our vendors. In addition to standard training, we also offer specific training for individual customer’s needs. Training can be dedicated to a certain type of user, communication technology or size of the curriculum to be covered. Educational program is conducted through lectures given by many experts from relevant fields, who will pass their knowledge and experience to users in order to meet their future needs and requirements.

The ultimate goal is to fully train personnel who will be maintaining the systems we implement, where education plays an important role in building a professional cooperation and enhance further business operations.


Service for Legal Standards Control (Verification)

The need to inspect measuring instruments (in legal metrology) as proof that measuring instrument is in line with national measurement regulations and can be used in legal metrology, has caused strategic orientation to establish the Inspection Body and its future accreditation for purpose of being appointed for inspection/verification of legal measuring instruments.

Following the founding, the Inspection Body was organized in accordance with standard requirements BAS EN ISO/IEC 17020 type C. It performs the operations of legal verification of measuring instruments for measuring the speed of vehicles in traffic (radar), as well as measuring instruments for measuring the concentration of alcohol via exhalation (breathalyzers), as appointed by the BiH Institute of Metrology ( In addition, the Inspection Body is accredited in accordance with the standard requirements BAS EN ISO/IEC 17020 at the BiH Institute for Accreditation (

Measurements, Testing and Calibration Services

The laboratory also performs measuring and testing non-ionizing radiation, as well as testing various systems and devices. It is a subject of active development i.e. expanding the scope of measurements, testing and calibration to related activities, which will result in strategic orientation towards future accreditation. The laboratory is using modern equipment which, together with staff competence ensures the quality of laboratory services.