Cabinet for pole-top line disconnector LR20M

Automation of power switch disconnectors – Based on extensive experience in installation and maintenance of various related products, we developed a local control cabinet which is designed and certified in line with specific technical requirements of this region, and for which there is no substitute available on the market.

The product includes both local controls and diagnostic drive panel for handling the motor drive with its own uninterruptible power supply. It is compatible with various types of outdoor switch disconnectors and has an integrated fast switch system. Universal interface allows connecting any RTU in order to activate remote system monitoring and management.


SMIBO is a communication interface for slot machines central control system. It allows connecting to an online monitoring system of the slot machine via standardized SAS protocol or ″dry″ contacts. This enables monitoring of all machine parameters including gaming and transactions, remote access games, deposits and withdrawals of funds from the central control and accounting application.